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Developing and manufacturing complex inorganic materials for advanced technology applications for over a decade.

Lorad Chemical Corporation

Established 15 May 1998Lorad Chemical Corporation is a global leader in the development and manufacture of complex inorganic materials for advanced technology applications.We specialize in Custom Synthesis and the Development of innovative and cost-effective routes for the batch synthesis of complex inorganic oxides, sulfides, fluorides and high purity salts.

We serve worldwide markets with customers in the industrial, governmental and academic arenas. Please note, we are manufacturers, not resellers. We offer more options and the best price.

Our products are found in widely diverse applications:
  • Lithium/Ion and Thermal Batteries Fuel Cells
  • Advanced Coatings for Thermal and Wear Management
  • Electro-ceramic & Electro-conductive Powders
  • Phosphors for Security Applications, Radiation Detection, Imaging Screens and special phosphors for LED light conversion.
  • High Purity Materials for Thin Film Coatings, Fiber Optics, Crystal Growth
  • Nano-materials for a wide range of applications