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Lorad is a leader in the development and manufacture of advanced inorganic materials. Our strength lies in our ability to develop unique and cost-effective processes for batch or continuous manufacture of less common or difficult to make materials. Our interest and passion for the synthesis of...

Lorad Chemical is the most significant and experienced manufacturer of premium quality Lithium Sulfide in the world. Our product is used in advanced battery and catalyst applications.

Lorad scientists have developed an efficient silver activated zinc sulfide phosphor for application in neutron detection devices.

Perovskites of the type Ba(A1/3B2/3)O3 where A = Mg , Zn and B = Ta ,Nb, have created significant interest related to their excellent microwave dielectric properties. Of this group, Barium Magnesium Tantalate has generated considerable interest as a near ideal material...

Lorad can now offer high quality, US manufactured, Tantalum oxide tablets for thin – film optical coating applications. Bulk manufacturing of Tantalum oxide Tablets by Lorad allows us to maintain a very competitive market position, and this is passed on to our customers.

Lorad is able to offer custom synthesized fuel cell nano-powders in initial research and development quantities. Scale-up to commercial quantities can be facilitated upon request.

Lorad scientists have developed a modified cerium doped YAG phosphor that is an excellent candidate for the conversion of a 465nm emitting Blue LED to emit white light. Shown below, is a typical emission spectrum of the modified YAG when excited by 465nm emitting Blue LED.

Vanadium oxides have been demonstrated to have many interesting and useful applications as battery cathode materials, (V6013, Ag2V4O11, LiV3O8 etc…all available from Lorad), in catalysis, sensors for gas...

The Lorad Chemical Corporation is pleased to annouce the availability of a custom Lanthanum Strontium Manganite product available for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell, (SOFC) applications. The Lorad Lanthanum Strontium Manganite Powder process is designed to make available a premium quality, cost...

Silver vanadium oxide, (SVO) is used as a cathode material in high rate implantable cardiac defibrillator batteries. Typically, a ceramic process is used to manufacture this material. This involves grinding and blending either Silver oxide or Silver nitrate with a highly toxic Vanadium...

Lorad scientists have developed a new method for the synthesis of zinc sulfide powders. This new process can generate zinc sulfide powders on a continuous basis. Initial materials in the 100nm -150nm range are available in kg quantities.

Lorad Chemical is pleased to announce that we can now offer a superior Strontium Sulfide product for phosphor applications, including x-ray screens.

Custom synthesized ytterbium aluminum garnet, YbAG can now be made available in research and initial commercial quantities.


Tin sulfide is available in pure bulk granular form as a source material for the thermal evaporation of photovoltaic thin films.

Lorad develops unique customized solutions to security issues through the synthesis of advanced Phosphor Materials. These luminescent materials can be interrogated and respond with unique spectral signatures created exclusively for each client.

In keeping with the planned expansion of our range of phosphor materials, we are now able to offer commercial quantities, (multi-kg units ) of an efficient europium activated strontium thiogallate phosphor. 

Lorad is the world leader in the manufacture of the highest quality lithium sulfide powder. The lithium sulfide is typically prepared as a -200 mesh powder.

Lorad continues to develop and offer commercial sulfide products for advanced battery applications. Now, in addition to our high performance cobalt disulfide and enhanced disulfide products, we can currently offer two nano-structured iron disulfide powders.