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New Process for Barium Magnesium Tantalate

Posted 3 years ago and updated 1 month ago
Category: Product News

Perovskites of the type Ba(A1/3B2/3)O3 where A = Mg , Zn and B = Ta ,Nb, have created significant interest related to their excellent microwave dielectric properties. Of this group, Barium Magnesium Tantalate has generated considerable interest as a near ideal material for dielectric resonator applications due to its high dielectric constant and unloaded quality factor and, its very low resonant frequency temperature dependence.

Lorad scientists have developed a procedure for the manufacture of a stoichiometric Barium Magnesium Tantalate product. A typical x-ray diffraction pattern is shown in Fig1. It turns out that the precise control of the Ba:Mg ratio is easily verified by XRD whereby quite small deviations in stoichiometry produce additional  maxima designated to established ordering and lattice occupancy in perovskite structures. 


By careful control of raw materials and processing conditions, a phase pure material is obtained  having a laser diffraction measured D50 < 10 microns, and typically near to 6 microns.  This yields a material with acceptable industrial sintering characteristics.

This material is available in commercial quantities.  Please inquire for pricing and availability.