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Improved Manufacturing of Lithium Sulfide

Posted 7 years ago and updated 6 months ago
Category: Product News

Lorad is the world leader in the manufacture of the highest quality lithium sulfide powder. The lithium sulfide is typically prepared as a -200 mesh powder.

The lithium sulfide is supplied in 1.0kg to 1.5kg quantities in glass containers with PTFE sealed closures. The lithium sulfide is packaged under a dry inert gas.

We are pleased to announce that as part of our continuous quality improvement procedures, we have developed an improved process for the manufacture of the lithium sulfide powder, and can now offer larger quantities with improved delivery dates. Shown below is a typical x-ray diffraction trace for our lithium sulfide powder. It should be noted that the broad band at low 2theta, and the peaks at approximately 21.5o, 24o and, 36.5o, are due to the polyethylene enclosure protecting the lithium sulfide from atmospheric degradation during the x-ray process.