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Lithium Sulfide Production

Posted 1 year ago and updated 5 months ago
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Lorad Chemical is the most significant and experienced manufacturer of premium quality Lithium Sulfide in the world. Our product is used in advanced battery and catalyst applications.


Lithium sulfide can be supplied in large-scale commercial quantities.

Product pricing is reflected by quantities required and favorable terms can be agreed for bulk or continuous supply requirements.

At Lorad, we adhere to the principles of agile manufacturing by utilizing modular design concepts which afford extreme flexibility in capacity expansion without compromising our well-known ability to supply a premium grade product.

We are ready to serve you and meet all aspects of your most critical product requirements now and in the future.  We have a contemporary approach to manufacturing and a firm belief in creating strategic partnerships and strong business relationships. 

Li2S X-Ray AnalysisThe peak at 21.5, 24.0 and 36.5 deg two theta are due to the polyethylene enclosure (bag) protecting the Lithium Sulfide from atmospheric degradation during x-ray analysis.

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