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Nano-Structured Synthetic Iron Disulfide

Posted 7 years ago and updated 5 months ago
Category: Product News

Lorad continues to develop and offer commercial sulfide products for advanced battery applications. Now, in addition to our high performance cobalt disulfide and enhanced disulfide products, we can currently offer two nano-structured iron disulfide powders.

Both have an average particle size of 2.5 um and a crystallite size of 60nm and 21nm respectively, as determined from x-ray line broadening using the Debye-Scherrer Equation. A Typical x-ray trace is shown below.

This is an important material for Li/Si/FeS2 thermal batteries for short duration, high energy applications, and Li/FeS2 lithium - ion batteries where their increased run time for high power applications is of benefit. To further enhance these characteristics, we have developed a commercial process for the manufacture of a nano-structured iron disulfide , ( high surface area) to improve the rate capability of the product. Particle size can be modified in our process. We can also offer materials with enhanced electronic conductivity.