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New Process for Nano-Powder Production

Posted 1 year ago and updated 5 months ago
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Lorad is a leader in the development and manufacture of advanced inorganic materials. Our strength lies in our ability to develop unique and cost-effective processes for batch or continuous manufacture of less common or difficult to make materials. Our interest and passion for the synthesis of nano-materials is a natural extension of our core interest in materials synthesis and process development. To this end, Lorad scientists have focused on the research and development of a cost-effective platform for the commercial manufacture of nano-powder products.


Lorad scientists have developed a technology we call "Focused Energy Snythesis™". This exciting new technology can be applied to the synthesis of many multi-component nano-materials and nano-composites. In this process precursor materials pass through a focused high-energy region where reaction initiation and completion occurs within a short pass through time.

Reaction conditions can be modified by both chemical means and engineering design modifications to adapt to a particular product. For example, the selection of precursors and associated reactive carriers may be made to modify process energetics to select particular product characteristics. Lorad's "flexible design engineering" allows for changes in micro-reactor volume, post-reaction environment, thermal gradients, and time of flight in the reaction zone, all of which allow Lorad to customize process conditions for optimum efficiency and product characteristics. Our unique system design allows for changes in scale of production capacity ranging from kg per day to multi-kg per hour.

The FES process is a relatively high rate nano-powder production route. It allows us to rapidly 'prototype a material', and produce initial manufactured lots. The process greatly simplies manufacturing procedures for complex materials. Typically, raw materials input and product output, are quantitatively linked, and the need for stoichiometry adjustments is largely avoided. The FES process has relatively low containment issues and importantly, environmental issues are minimal. These features offer many advantages to our customers: Development times are minimized and customers have their product in-hand in a timely manner.

This system is primarily for the synthesis of oxide powders but some metals, oxide composites, ceramic-metal composites and other classes of compounds such as phosphates, borates, and glass-forming compositions are accessible.

Additionally, binary to complex multi-component oxides and nano-composites are readily available.

Products using this technology are available for research and supply of initial production quantities.

Lorad is on the cutting edge in the synthesis of designing nano-powders as precursors for more complex materials where the high reactivity of nano-powders may be used to great advantage.

In addition to the FES process, Lorad can supply micron powders and nano-powders synthesized by more traditional chemical means involving hydrolysis, condensation, or complexation of cations for the precipitation of single or multi-component oxide precursors.

Our processes can be utilized to manufacture:

  • Phosphors: Including scintillation detection materials, (multi-component oxides, YAG derivatives). This is an ideal method of manufacturing unique nano-materials for security ink applications. This process yields more efficient, uniform and more readily dispersible phosphors than typical solid state processing or aerosol processing.  This is an important and growing field for Lorad. Phosphors for security applications are available by the FES method. Materials made by this method are superior to those produced by the old and outdated technology of conventional aerosol technology.

  • Electroconductive Oxides: ITO (indium tin oxide), ATO (antimony tin oxide), ZTO (zinc tin oxide), ZnO:F (fluorine doped zinc oxide), ZnO:Al (aluminum doped zinc oxide, and IGZO (indium gallium zinc oxide), etc.

  • Materials for Dental Ceramics: Lorad will work with you on your proprietary compositions.

  • Electroceramic Oxides: BaTiO3 and SrTiO3 powders for almost every electro-ceramic application. This is particularly suitable for tantalum oxide or niobium oxide nanopowders or multi-component tantalum /niobium containing oxides.

  • Fuel Cell Oxides: Lanthanum, strontium - Manganites, Cobaltites and Ferrites, gadolinium, lanthanum yttrium and samarium doped ceria (cerium oxide), etc.

  • Oxide Materials for Catalysts: We can custom synthesis catalyst products on request.

  • Sulfides, Selenides, and Tellurides

  • Materials for Structural Ceramics: Stabalized zirconias, YSZ (yttria stabilized zirconia), etc.

  • Gas Sensor Materials: Doped tin oxides, tungsten oxides, and many others...

  • Speciality Garnets: For phosphors, polycrystalline optical windows and laser hosts.

  • Spinel: High purity materials for optical windows and ceramic armor.

  • Perovskites: For ferroelectric, dielectric, pyroelectric, and piezoelectric behaviors.

  • Dielectric Oxides: Barium/Strontium Titanate and derivative, CaCu3Ti4O12 (Calcium Copper Titanate).

  • Thermal Barrier Coatings: Yttria stabilized zirconia and other forms of stabilized zirconia such as CaO (calcium oxide), MgO (magnesium oxide), and Al2O3 (aluminum oxide).

  • Thermoelectric Oxides: Lanthanum calcium manganites and cobaltites, etc.

  • Materials for Printed Electronics: Such as dielectric, electro-conductive powders.

  • Additives to increase surface wear resistance of polymeric coating: Al2O3, stabilized ZrO2, etc.

  • Pigments

  • FES: TiO2, Ta2O5, Nb2O5, WO3, and MoO3 nano-powders and a range of Titanates, Tantalates, Niobates, Tungstates, and Molybdates.

  • Photovoltaic Materials: Kesterite, Cu2ZnSn(S/Se)4.

Lorad scientists and technologists will work with customers to develop a required product in solid or suspension form.

If you can imagine it, there is a good chance we can make it for you. Knowing you are dealing directly with the manufacturer clearly has many advantages: 

  • We can develop materials specifically for your application.
  • We can modify material composition to meet your requirements.
  • We anticipate close cooperation with our customers.
  • Collaborating with an NDA in place is normal for our work.

If you work with us on your development and pre-production program, we will be there for you through to production.

You will have no hassle with seeking a new supplier to scale-up or trying to find a manufacturer who will have to reverse engineer the product and the process because you have few details of your product and your supplier is not the primary source and cannot assist you. Working with Lorad eliminates the risks and road blocks. We can seamlessly take you through each stage of your growth requirements. 


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