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Vanadium Dioxide Nano-Powders

Posted 6 years ago and updated 5 months ago
Category: Product News

Vanadium oxides have been demonstrated to have many interesting and useful applications as battery cathode materials, (V6013, Ag2V4O11, LiV3O8 etc…all available from Lorad), in catalysis, sensors for gas detection, and in thin-film form in electro-optical devices.

Recently, vanadium dioxide has attracted attention because two of its polymorphs exhibit a reversible conductor – insulator (semiconductor) transition at relatively low temperatures. In its pure form, the semiconducting (low electronic conductivity) monoclinic form switches to a metallic conducting tetragonal form at 66oC to 67oC. The reverse process occurs at about 61oC – 62oC.

This phase transformation in vanadium dioxide is being investigated as a potential switching mode for architecturally important “smart windows”. It has further been demonstrated that certain additives (dopants) such as niobium and vanadium can significantly reduce the switching temperature of vanadium dioxide. For example, the addition of tungsten oxide can reduce the switching temperature of vanadium dioxide to approximately 26oC.

The application of vanadium dioxide in nanopowder form may offer significant engineering and commercial advantages to its application in thin-film form.  In addition, there has been noted a dependence on switching temperature and particle size of the vanadium dioxide.

At this time, Lorad is please to offer initial quantities of custom synthesized undoped and doped vanadium dioxide nano-powders for research and commercial applications.

Powders are typically, < 300nm.