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Calcium Copper Titanium Oxide
Formula: CaCu3Ti4O12
Item #: CA-0925
Synonyms: Calcium Copper Titanate; CCTO
Market Focus: Electro-Ceramic Powders

Calcium copper titanium oxide materials and ceramics have attracted considerable interest as an extremely high dielectric  constant material,( literature values reported between  60,000 and 250,000 ). CCTO is reported to have a cubic structure ,and no known phase changes down to very low temperatures. An aditional advantage is that it is lead free. These features make this material a very attractive option as  new material for applications in microelectronics such as capacitors and memory devices. Its high dielectric constant also enhances the possibility of further miniaturization of components.

Formula Mass: 614.18 g/mol
Purity: 99.9

The CCTO powder is  available on a custom synthesis basis as a regular low micron sized powder or a nano-structured powder  for research and development applications.

Crystal System: Cubic
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