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Calcium Sulfide
Formula: CaS
Item #: CA-1200
CAS #: 20548-54-3
EC / List #: 243-873-5
Synonyms: Calcium Sulphide
Market Focus: Imaging Screen Phosphors, Polycrystalline Ceramics
Other Applications:

Available as a custom synthesized  Europium doped  RED phoshor for LED applications. In addition this material is available as a custom synthesized SrxCa1-xS.Eu red phosphor for a wavelength shifted RED phosphor for LED applications.


Lorad has developed proprietary methods for synthesizing  maximum efficiency strontium sulfide and calcium sulfide phosphors with a particle size <5 microns. These phosphors are more efficient than mechanically milled and re-activated phosphors, and the process is more efficient and cost-effective than particle fractionation methods.

Formula Mass: 72.14 g/mol
Purity: 99.9

This product can be manufactured as a phosphor—typically doped (activated) with a rare earth element: Terbium, Cerium or Europium. Calcium Sulfide is also used as a component of ternary (or higher) sulfides manufactured by Lorad. We can synthesize a low Strontium Calcium Sulfide if required.

Density: 2.59 g/cm³
Melting Point: 2,525°C
Crystal System: Cubic
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