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Dysprosium Fluoride
Formula: DyF3
Item #: DY-1780
CAS #: 13569-80-7
EC / List #: 236-992-9
Synonyms: Dysprosium (III) Fluoride; Dysprosium Trifluoride; Trifluorodysprosium
Market Focus: High Purity Thin Film Coating

Dysprosium fluoride, DyF3, is available as a carefully stoichiometricaly controlled material for vacuum evaporated thin fil coating applications. This material is typically avalable as 1-4mm granules.

Fluorides in this class of material are carefully processed in a fluorinating atmosphere to maintain a close stoichiometric ratio to minimize refractive index variations during the thin film coating process.

Formula Mass: 219.49 g/mol
Purity: 99.9 - 99.99

Available as a powder, granules, or tablets.

Density: 5.95 g/cm³
Melting Point: 1,360°C
Optical Properties
Refractive Index: 1.56 at 500nm
Transmission Range: 220 - 12000nm
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