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Strontium Sulfide
Formula: SrS
Item #: ST-5050
CAS #: 1314-96-1
EC / List #: 215-249-2
Synonyms: Strontium Monosulfide
Market Focus: Imaging Screen Phosphors

Lorad has significant expertise with Strontium Sulfide based phosphors. Strontium Sulfide is now available as a custom synthesized phosphor in various compositions and in multi-kilogram quantities at the most competitive pricing. As synthesized, unagglomerated  material with a particle size <5 microns is available as:

  • SrS:Ce (Blue/green emission phosphor)
  • SrS:Eu (Orange/red emission, 620nm)
  • SrS x-ray sensitive phosphors also available.

Strontium Sulfide

Strontium Sulfide doped with Europium under UV illumination.

Formula Mass: 119.68 g/mol
Purity: 99.99
Density: 3.7 g/cm³
Melting Point: 2,002ºC
Crystal System: Cubic
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