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Tantalum Pentoxide
Formula: Ta2O5
Item #: TA-5160
CAS #: 1314-61-0
EC / List #: 215-238-2
Market Focus: High Purity Thin Film Coating
Other Applications:

A high index coating material, with transmission from the near ultra-violet to the infrared, (8um). Due to its refractive index being < 2 it is well suited for HL multilayer coatings in conjunction with silicon dioxide for laser applications. This oxide also finds applications in electronics Special mixtures containing tantalum oxide can be custom synthesized.

Formula Mass: 441.89 g/mol
Purity: 99.99

Available as a powder or tablets (White & Black - High Laser Damage Threshold).

Melting Point: 1,872°C
Optical Properties
Refractive Index: 2.1 at 500nm
Transmission Range: 350 - 8000nm
Evaporation Temperature: 1,950ºC
Evaporation Source: Tantalum or graphite liner with electron-beam evaporation. 0.5nm/sec is a typical deposition rate for good crystallinity at a 300oC substrate temperature. As with all oxides that lose oxygen during the heat-up step, preconditioning is to be recommended. This requires a slow sweep of the e-beam over the tablets so that melting and loss of oxygen is controlled.
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