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Ytterbium Aluminum Garnet
Formula: Yb3Al5O12
Item #: YT-5660
Market Focus: Security Phosphors

Available as a high purity, very fine ( low micron) powder.


Custom synthesized ytterbium aluminum garnet, YbAG can now be made available in research and initial commercial quantities.

YbAG is an emerging material with potential applications as a solid-state laser host, a scintillator for radiation detection, hard, erosion resistant surface coatings, in particular as thermal spray powders or electron-beam evaporated briquettes for thermal management in high temperature components.

Nano-powders can be supplied in the range 20 – 30nm. 
Conventional , micron size, powders are also available on a custom basis.

Purity: 99.99

Can be supplied as 20-30nm powder

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