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Zirconium(IV) Silicate
Formula: ZrSiO4
Item #: ZI-6090
CAS #: 10101-52-7
EC / List #: 233-252-7
Synonyms: Zircon; Zirconium(IV) Silicate; Zirconium Orthosilicate; Zirconium(IV) Silicon Oxide
Market Focus: Refractory Oxides, High Purity Thin Film Coating, Catalyst
Other Applications:

This product may be used in refractory materials for applications where resistance to corrosion by alkali materials is required. It may also be used in enamels and glazes as an opacifer. Thin films of this material can be used as a high-k dielectric as a replacement for silicon dioxide in semiconductors.


High purity synthetic zircon is available on request.

Formula Mass: 183.81 g/mol
Purity: 99.9
Melting Point: 2,550°C
Crystal System: tetragonal
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