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Quality Controls

Lorad takes quality control very seriously. Lorad uses a suite of analytical testing to ensure that all of our manufactured materials meet the precise specifications set out by our customers.

When you choose Lorad as your supplier of advanced inorganic materials you will have several clear advantages:

  • All of our materials can be custom synthesized to meet your specific requirements of composition, phase, purity, and particle size.
  • As the manufacturer of our products, we can offer the most competitive pricing structure for commercial volume applications.
  • As the demand for your product application grows— from product development, to a pilot program, to full-scale commercialization, Lorad can seamlessly scale up our production to meet growing demand. We have the production capabilities to make multi-ton quantities of many of our products.
  • Our technical knowledge and expertise is available to assist our customers with new materials development and applications.
  • Lorad manufacturers many materials that are four nines pure or greater, so we maintain strict controls over every aspect of the production process. Our process controls ensure that material characteristics and application properties are reproducible and consistent from batch to batch.
  • All of our materials are supplied with a specific certificate of analysis and any other analytical testing necessary to confirm that the material meets all of the customer’s specifications.

At Lorad, our scientists, engineers, technicians, sales, and administrative staff work in close collaboration to ensure the only acceptable result; a satisfied customer. Ultimately quality is not what we say it is, it is what the customer says it is.

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