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Product & Process Development

Product and process development is applying the knowledge gained from basic research experiments to move a product or process towards a practical commercial application. Once a commercial application for the product or process has been identified, development focuses on refining the process or product so that it can be scaled up in an efficient, safe, and cost-effective manner. Conducting product and process development requires significant technical expertise to overcome the technical challenges that may arise when developing a new product or process.

Whether or not you have done the basic research for your product or process in partnership with Lorad, Lorad can still assist you once you move into the early stages of product or process development. Lorad’s development team is comprised of scientists, engineers, and technicians that brings together decades of experience in the field of materials science. Our team has enabled us to stay at the forefront of technical advances in the field of materials science.

Whether you are seeking assistance with experiments to design a more efficient product or process or scaling up a product or process for commercialization, Lorad has options that can assist you.

Due to the unique nature of product and process development as path to the commercialization of a new product or process, Lorad is sensitive to the concerns of our customers that their rights in the product or process under development are protected. Lorad has standard non-disclosure agreements, confidentiality agreements, reservation of patent and ownership rights agreements, which our customers may use. Alternatively, the customer may choose to provide their own agreements. Lorad is committed to protecting the privacy and intellectual property rights of our customers as we work along side them.

Our product and process development services can be purchased separately, with or without Lorad products and we always welcome your feedback as to other services which you would find of value.

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