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Scalable Manufacturing

As an inorganic chemical manufacturing company, Lorad offers a large range of manufacturing and custom synthesis services for materials science. Our state-of-the-art technologies, along with our technical expertise, and dedication to producing the highest quality products allows us to serve our customers in the earliest stages of product development all the way through commercialization. We work with customers looking for products in all stages of their application developmentā€”universities or governmental research laboratories performing basic research on the feasibility of a new material, small speciality manufacturers testing out a new product in a pilot manufacturing program, and large multi-national corporations requesting metric-tons of speciality materials.

Our speciality manufactured products include high purity borates, multi-component products, oxides, sulfides, nitrides, halides, phosphates, phosphides, selenides, tellurides, and very high purity salts. Our manufacturing facilities offer a broad range of technologies and processes, including:

  • High-temperature furnaces for vacuum, inert gas, and reactive atmosphere processing. High temperature solid-state syntheses.
  • Powder processing equipment for size reduction, classification, tablet fabrication, and solids-liquids blending.
  • Proprietary systems for the manufacturing of powders and nano-powders via vapor / gas phase reactions, and focused-energy synthesis.
  • Bulk, wet-chemical precipitation processes, including controlled processes for spherical, controlled distribution particles, and nano-particles.
  • Materials synthesis for extremely low moisture and oxygen conditions.

In addition to these manufacturing methods technologies, we have a suite of in-house analytical instruments to ensure that each customer gets the product they want, to the specifications they need. Our aim is to translate our success in materials manufacturing into successful and profitable business opportunities for our customers.

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