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We would like to bring to the readers attention two very specialized areas of expertise:

Special Phosphors

Lorad scientists have made a specialty of synthesizing sulfide phosphor materials.

Many binary, ternary and oxysulfide phosphors are available on a custom synthesis basis, and can be supplied in commercial quantities.

Phosphors such as europium activated calcium sulfide and strontium sulfide, calcium, strontium and mixed calcium strontium gallium sulfides are available in commercial quantities upon request.

CaS: Eu , SrS: Eu , CaxSr1-xS:Eu , CaxSr1-xGa2S4 : Eu (Thiogallate Phosphors for application in UV/Blue LED to white light conversion). We have developed a new, proprietary method of encapsulating sulfides to prevent moisture sensitivity.

Battery Materials Nanocrystalline structured powders of CoS2 and NiS2 are available in commercial quantities. A high purity, but courser particle size FeS2 powder is also available in commercial quantities. Mixed sulfides of Fe(x)Co(1-x)S2 are now available.