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Lorad offers discounts on blanket and bulk purchase options for our catalog of vacuum coating materials. We offer mixtures and custom synthesized materials in a range of granule or tablet sizes.
Item # Product Formula Purity
AL-0010 Aluminum Wire, 1.6 mm diameter Al 99.99%
OC-001 Aluminum fluoride granules AlF3 99.995%
OC-001 Aluminum fluoride granules AlF3 99.9%
OC-003 Aluminum Oxide, 2-5mm crystal granules Al2O3 99.99%
OC-006 Antimony Oxide, 2-12mm granules Sb2O3 99.9%
AN-0220 Antimony sulfide 2-12mm granules Sb2S3 99.9%
OC-009 Barium fluoride, granules BaF2 99.99%
OC-022 Cerium oxide, Tablets, 8x5mm CeO2 99.9%
OC-021 Cerium fluoride,T 8x5mm, G 2-10mm CeF3 99.9%
OC-023 Chiolite, 2-5mm melted granules Na5Al3F14 99.9%
OC-025 Cryolite, 2-5mm melted granules Na3AlF6 99.9%
OC-027 Dysprosium Fluoride, 1-5mm granules DyF3 99.9%
OC-032 Hafnium oxide W, T, 8mmx4mm,Zr<0.2% HfO2 99.9%
IN-2210 Indium Oxide, Tablets & granules In2O3 99.999%
Indium Tin Oxide (90:10) Tablets ITO 99.999%
OC-037 Lanthanum fluoride, 2-12mm Granules LaF3 99.9%
OC-039 Lead fluoride, 1-3, 3-6mm Granules PbF2 99.99%
OC-043 Magnesium aluminate, tablets MgAl2O4 99.99%
OC-044 Magnesium fluoride, 2-5mm crystal granules MgF2 99.99%
OC-049 Neodymium fluoride, 8x5mm T, 2-12mm G NdF3 99.9%
OC-051 Niobium Oxide Nb2O5 99.9%
OC-OP3 Optima 3, ThF4 Replacement, Tablets Fluoride 99.99%
OC-061 Silicon dioxide, 1-3,2-5mm, crystals SiO2 99.99%
OC-062 Silicon monoxide, 2-5mm pieces SiO 99.99%
Tantalum Metal, 2-6mm Granules Ta 99.99%
OC-065 Tantalum pentoxide, W/B tablets Ta2O5 99.99%
Titanium dioxide , Black 8x5mm Tablets TiO2 99.99%
OC-068 Titanium monoxide, Gold 8x5mm Tablets TiO 99.9%
OC-069 Titanium(III) oxide, T/G,8x8mm,1-5mm Ti2O3 99.9%
TI-5450 Titanium(III,IV) oxide, T/G, 8x8mm,1-5mm Ti3O5 99.9%
TU-5520 Tungsten trioxide, 2-5mm Granules WO3 99.99%
OC-075 Yttrium fluoride, 2-12mm Granules YF3 99.999%
OC-076 Yttrium oxide, 8x5mm Tablets & Granules Y2O3 99.999%
OC-073 Ytterbium fluoride, 2-12mm Granules YbF3 99.99%
OC-080 Zinc sulfide, W, 8x5mm Tablets ZnS 99.99%
OC-081 Zinc sulfide, 2-12mm CVD Granules ZnS 99.99%
OC-083 Zirconium Dioxide, Tablets 8x5mm ZrO2 99.9%