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Aluminum Fluoride
Formula: AlF3
Item #: AL-0070
CAS #: 7784-18-1
EC / List #: 232-051-1
Synonyms: Aluminum trifluoride; Aluminium(III) fluoride
Market Focus: Lithium/Ion Batteries, High Purity Thin Film Coating, High Purity Fiber Optics, High Purity Crystal Growth
Other Applications:

Dense granules and tablets can be used for high quality optical coatings.

This material may also be useful as a cathode material for lithium-ion batteries.


High purity aluminum fluoride is available as a fine powder in kg to multi-kg quantities. This high purity aluminum fluoride product is also available as dense granules and tablets for the highest quality optical coating applications.

Formula Mass: 83.98 g/mol
Purity: 99.99

Fine powder in Kg to multi-Kg quantities, dense granules, tablets

Density: 3.1 g/cm³
Melting Point: 1,291°C (anhydrous) (sublimes)
Crystal System: Rhombohedral
Optical Properties
Refractive Index: 1.36 at 550nm
Transmission Range: 200 - 8000nm
Evaporation Temperature: 800 - 1000ºC
Evaporation Source: e-beam, Mo, Ta
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