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Bicuvox - Ionic Conductor
Formula: Bi2CuxV1-xO5.5-1.5x
Item #: BI-0645

Bicuvox has potential applications as a fast- ion conducting component in solid oxide fuel cells, oxygen gas sensors and  electrochemical pumps for oxygen separation. This material is derived from Bi4V2O11 whereby vanadium is partially substituted by copper (or cobalt).  The gamma phase of Bi4V2O11 , which is synthesized above 560oC, is the ionic conducting phase. The gamma phase is unstable, but can be stabilized by partial substitution with copper or cobalt. The gamma phase exists over the range , 0.07< x < 0.2. Lorad scientists have developed a novel route for the sythesis of this class of material.

These materials  [ the Bi4V2O11, BICUVOX and BICOVOX ] are available on request, as custom synthesized products in laboratory, ( kg) and commercial ( multi-kg) quantities. Please call for pricing.

Purity: 99.9
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