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Fuel Cell Materials

Lorad is able to offer custom synthesized fuel cell nano-powders in initial research and development quantities. Scale-up to commercial quantities can be facilitated upon request.

Powders are, typically, 100nm. Almost any customer defined composition can be achieved.

Anode Materials

Aw/o NiO: Bw/o 8 m/o YSZ where the ratio of A:B can be customized to customer requirements.  Typically, 50:50, 60:40 and 70:30 are requested.

Aw/oNiO:Bw/oCe0.8Gd0.2O2-δ    A:B typically70:30 weight%

Cathode Materials

All materials can be custom synthesized.

Lax Sr1-xMnO3-δ    Typically La:Sr 80:20







Composites of with Lanthanum strontium TM oxides with YSZ and Cerium gadolinium oxide can be supplied on request. Typically, these are 50 weight %. 

It should also be noted that nano-powders of stabilized zirconias, for example, ZrO2 – 8w/oY2O3 can be supplied.

With Lorads advanced nano-particle synthesis facilities, we can offer a reasonably fast turnaround of unique nano-powder compositions, and provide XRD data and high resolution SEM images with the material. Upon request, materials can be supplied in multi-kg quantities for pilot or initial production evaluation.