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Zinc Sulfide Nano-Powders

Posted 7 years ago and updated 5 months ago
Category: Product News

Lorad scientists have developed a new method for the synthesis of zinc sulfide powders. This new process can generate zinc sulfide powders on a continuous basis. Initial materials in the 100nm -150nm range are available in kg quantities.

Shown below, (Fig.1) is a typical SEM image of a Zinc Sulfide powder.

Zinc Sulfide Nano-Powder SEM

Fig.1. Zinc sulfide Nano-powder

Zinc Sulfide Nano-Powder X-Ray Trace

Fig.2., shows a typical x-ray diffraction trace of these zinc sulfide nano-powders. The zinc sulfide nano-powders are indexed as the cubic , sphalerite crystal structure. Line broadening measurements indicate a crystallite size of 10-20nm.