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Developing and manufacturing complex inorganic materials for advanced technology applications for over a decade.


Lorad offers a unique combination of seamlessly integrated specialty materials manufacturing and product development expertise. We can manufacture materials to enable your research or drive your manufacturing opportunities. Our aim is to translate our success in materials manufacturing to successful and profitable business opportunities for our customers.


Lorad scientists are actively engaged in developing new processes and materials for advanced applications. Lorad is engaged in the development of innovative technologies for the continuous production of nano-materials. This includes a new process for producting nano-platelets < 150nm x 5-10 nm thickness, and a focused energy process (FEP) for the synthesis of a full range of binary and multi-component oxides and ongoing programs for sulfide, selenide, nitride, oxynitride nano-products.


The customer receives the precise product required, on time, and with a certificate of analysis. Behind the scenes, scientists, technicians, sales and administrative staff have worked in close collaboration to ensure the only acceptable result; a satisfied customer. Ultimately, quality is not what we say it is, it is what the customer says it is.


Lorads products are used by manufacturing businesses, universities and governmental research laboratories in many countries around the world. As the global demand for our products grow, we continue to adapt our operating systems to make it easier for our product partners to work with us to achieve their objectives in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Lorad is a leader in the development and manufacture of advanced inorganic materials. Our strength lies in our ability to develop unique and cost-effective processes for batch or continuous manufacture of less common or difficult to make materials. Our interest and passion for the synthesis of...

Lorad Chemical is the most significant and experienced manufacturer of premium quality Lithium Sulfide in the world. Our product is used in advanced battery and catalyst applications.

Lorad was established in 1998. Since then, Lorad has become a recognized leader in the research, development and manufacture of inorganic materials for many materials science applications.

We Custom Synthesize Materials and develop novel, cost-effective manufacturing processes...

Lorad scientists have developed an efficient silver activated zinc sulfide phosphor for application in neutron detection devices.

Perovskites of the type Ba(A1/3B2/3)O3 where A = Mg , Zn and B = Ta ,Nb, have created significant interest related to their excellent microwave dielectric properties. Of this group, Barium Magnesium Tantalate has generated considerable interest as a near ideal material...

Lorad can now offer high quality, US manufactured, Tantalum oxide tablets for thin – film optical coating applications. Bulk manufacturing of Tantalum oxide Tablets by Lorad allows us to maintain a very competitive market position, and this is passed on to our customers.

As a result of increased demand, Lorad can now announce a scale-up in its manufacturing operation for its premium grade high purity optical coating silicon dioxide granules. Silicon dioxide is an important thin-film optical coating material.  It is a low refractive index material. It...

Lorad is able to offer custom synthesized fuel cell nano-powders in initial research and development quantities. Scale-up to commercial quantities can be facilitated upon request.